Hacking the iPhone, because the iPhone is Unix at its core.

How to jailbreak

You cannot experience the full iPhone UNIX experience without jailbreaking first.  The easiest way to jailbreak is to use Spirit, by Comex.  Spirit is a universal jailbreak utility to jailbreak all iPhone and iPod Touch OS 3.1.2 and 3.1.3, and iPad OS 3.2.  It even works on iPod Touch 3rd generation, and iPhone 3GS.  It is completely untethered for all OSs and all devices.  For those that don’t know, untethered means that you don’t have to plug your device into a computer to boot it.  And tethered is the exact opposite: you must plug your device and have the jailbreak program running in order to boot the device.
Spirit is probably the simplest jailbreak program I have ever used.  The total time you’ll be jailbreaking will probably be under a minute.  Once the jailbreak is done, you will see Cydia in the first open space on your home screen.
First, you need to head over to http://spiritjb.com/ and download a copy of Spirit.  It runs on Mac and PC.  Next, BACKUP YOUR DEVICE IN ITUNES!!!!  You can do this by plugging it in, opening iTunes, right clicking your device in the iTunes sidebar, and clicking backup.  Then, plug in your device and run Spirit.  Next, click the jailbreak button in Spirit, and wait for your device to reboot.  Finally, run Cydia and download as many apps as you please.
Note: After jailbreaking, you should change your root password.  In a few days, I will cover how to do that, but for now, there is a guide on Cydia. The guide is now live!  Head here to read it.


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