Hacking the iPhone, because the iPhone is Unix at its core.

iNav (amazing theme)

Isn’t that cool? Would you like to make your iPhone/iPod Touch/maybe iPad (though I haven’t tested it) look like that? Just follow these instructions:
1. Open Cydia and download Winterboard, Categories, and iNav
2. Open Categories, and make two new folders, one called “Apps” and the other called “Games” (without the quotes). Put ALL of your games in the Games folder, and ALL of your apps in the Apps folder, EXCEPT Phone, SMS, Email, a Web Browser (Safari, or in my case, Opera), iPod or Music, Photos, Games, and Apps.
3. Move your icons around so that there is one icon per page, in the same order listed above.
4. Now go into Settings (should be in your Apps folder) > Winterboard > Themes, and turn on “iNav” and “No Undocked Icon Labels” (or something along those lines). Now move that line to the very top.
5. Your device should respring, and you should see your new theme. It should look quite “awkward.”
6. Find your Apps folder, and run Cydia. Purchase Infiniboard. Go into Settings > Infiniboard, and turn off “Vertical Scrolling” and “Hide Behind Dock”
7. Now, find your Apps folder and run Cydia again. Download and install “1*1 Springboard.” Your device should respring, and the theme should look better.
8. Now, there should be a few empty pages. Feel free to delete all the null apps you wish, and your move pages around to how they were before.
9. This step is optional, but highly recommended. Open Cydia, and install “BlankNull.” It will make it so any blank pages you have with null apps won’t open Safari when you tap them.


  Garth wrote @

How do you know all this stuff?

You must be really smart!

  Caleb wrote @

Honestly, I don’t know how I know all this stuff 🙂

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