Hacking the iPhone, because the iPhone is Unix at its core.

How to update/unjailbreak your jailbroken device to the latest firmware

With the release of iOS 4, I think I need to write this article. Now, I am not updating to iOS 4 until there is a 3GS jailbreak for it and qTweeter supports it. First, you will need to install AptBackup from Cydia. Run AptBackup, and tap the large Backup button. This will generate a list of your Cydia apps and move the list to a location that is backed up by iTunes. Plug your device in and use iTunes to back it up. Now, for the hard part, you must restore your device to factory settings (I know, it’s horrible). After your device is restored, you must restore it from the backup you just made. Now, you should have all of your settings and data for your official apps, and you will have the list of Cydia apps. Now, you should re-jailbreak, and install AptBackup. Run AptBackup, and this time, tap the large Restore button. The process will take a long time, because it will have to use the list it generated to download and install all of your Cydia apps. Once it is done, you should have all of your Cydia apps and their settings back. I don’t know if this will happen to you, but it happened to me. AptBackup removed all of my App Store apps, but kept their settings. If that happens to you, all that is required is one more sync with iTunes.
To unjailbreak your device, follow the same steps, but don’t use AptBackup, and stop after you restore from your backup.


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