Hacking the iPhone, because the iPhone is Unix at its core.

Just a little something I put together for the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad

I’ve been doing some Java development, and ended up putting this together for the jailbroken iDevices. It simply tells you how many cores are available, how much RAM the device has, and how much RAM is free. It is very simple. It has no icon, so it must be run from the command line.
(both free)

After those two are installed, you can download the app from box.net. Extract the zip file to any directory on your computer. Now, using any method you wish, you must connect your iDevice to your computer using either iPhoneBrowser (Windows) or any SFTP client. You must move “sysinfo.class” to “/User” (if you don’t know Java, or don’t want the source code, you can delete “sysinfo.java”). After you move sysinfo.class to /User, open Terminal, and run this command to run the app:

java sysinfo

It will output the information.  Note that you can only run it while in the /User directory.  Normally, that shouldn’t be a problem, but it might be if you are doing lots of command line work.  If you need to run it in other directories, copy “sysinfo.class” to the other directories you need to run it in.

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