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Elert: the cool way to do emails

So you’re playing a game, and you hear your phone buzz.  An email came in.  You don’t want to quit your game, but you want to read the email.  What do you do?  Elert.  Elert is a great app by IntelliBorn which makes emails pop up in a small, transparent, window, which can stay as long as you want.  Here is what it looks like:

You can tap and drag the popup around the screen however you want.  You can also tap on the popup to open a window to view the message:

In the bottom left corner of the window, you’ll see a button to open the message in Mail.  Normally, on the bottom right, you’d see a button to mark the message as read, but that message was already read, so that button didn’t make an appearance in this case.  Also, you’ll notice that you can send the message to the trash if you wish.

Now that you’ve seen the app, let’s see the settings panel:

The only real setting here is configuring the time the popup is showed.  You can also disable/enable the popups here, and change the font color, although that doesn’t work for me, because whenever I tap Font Color, it just has the same effect as tapping FAQs and Support.

So how to you get this app?  Simple, download it from Cydia, re-open Cydia, purchase it, open it, and say Download Purchased License.

So what do I think of Elert?  Here are some scores, out of 10:

  • Usefulness 10/10 – I could go on for hours about how useful this app is
  • Functionality 8/10 – It is great, but there is some functionality I’d like to see added, like a built-in reply function
  • Stability 10/10 – It’s never crashed on me, shortened my battery life, or caused slowness
  • Price 10/10 – $2 is a steal for an app like this
  • Average 9.5/10 – Excellent!


This app is officially endorsed by HackMyPhone 🙂

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