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All Apps by Electric French Fries Go Free

By: Electric French FriesBy: Electric French Fries

“➔ ➔ ➔ ALL OF OUR APPS are FREE for the next 48 HOURS!”

All the apps by Electric French Fries will be free within these 2 days. Apps include:

  • Mighty Clock (Lite version Available)
  • Charge Alert (Lite version Available)

Mighty Clock Description (From Developer)

“Mighty Clock transforms your iPhone or iPod touch into a brilliant digital alarm clock. Packed with useful features, Mighty Clock kicks your old alarm clock to the curb. Music alarm. Day and night modes. GPS weather. Flashlight. Soundscapes. Unlimited alarms. Custom snooze. Awesome style with large format numbers in six vivid colors. Perfect for home, travel and at the office, Mighty Clock is the best alarm clock you can fit in your pocket. Rests on your night stand and makes an ideal speaker dock companion. It’s about time.”

– Electric French Fries

Charge Alert Description (From Developer)

“Charge Alert speaks your battery level. Automatic notifications let you focus on other things and alert you the instant your battery is charged. Turn on notifications to get battery alerts while you’re playing games, listening to music or using other apps. This handy app also estimates how long your next charge will take.”

– Electric French Fries

Download them for FREE [48-hr promotion!]:




  C. Robert wrote @

I am trying in wain to obtain your app,
“Carge Alert Pro”

Please advice.


Have a nice day 😄

  PCbasics wrote @

Looks like it was removed from the App Store for some reason. Only the “lite” version is available if you would like: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/charge-alert-lite/id403024766

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