Hacking the iPhone, because the iPhone is Unix at its core.

Jailbreak App Reviews

Since this is the first review, I will be putting two great apps Head-to-Head in the first ever “HackMyPhone App Smackdown!” The winner of each round will get its name in Blue Font

The two apps are

3DBoard by Apocolipse and DeepEnd by Ryan Petrich

This week I am reviewing to awesome apps that do the same thing, make your SpringBoard look 3D (these apps are meant to be used on the iPhone 4 and the iPod Touch 4 because of their gyroscopes). The effect is really cool and I really recommend downloading one of these apps, but the question is “Which one to download (or buy)?”

  • Cost 3DBoard is $2.99, while DeepEnd is free.
  • 3DBoard can be disabled (via an on/off switch in Settings). DeepEnd needs to be uninstalled to be disabled
  • DeepEnd has three different sliders for customizing the 3D effect: Zoom, Pitch and Roll. 3DBoard has only one: Depth
  • DeepEnd looks better than 3DBoard because of the sliders
  • 3DBoard is available in the BigBoss repository. To get DeepEnd you must add http://rpetri.ch/repo/

Final Score:  3DBoard 2 – 3 DeepEnd
The only reason that two can be compared is because DeepEnd lacks an On/Off switch, otherwise DeepEnd would be a no-brainer.

Thanks for reading and remember to Keep Hacking!

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