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Make an iPhone Boot Logo!

With the release of the new Greenpois0n, custom boot logo support is available for iDevices!  But how do you make these boot logos?  Read on for the answer.

First, make a new folder with any name you want.  Since my boot logo is about Rush, I opted to call my folder Rush.

Next, enter the folder, and make two new folders, one called DEBIAN, and the other called Library.

Then, enter Library and make a new folder called Bootlogos, and inside that, make a new folder with the name of your bootlogo (in my case, the folder inside of Bootlogos was called Rush again).

Inside the deepest folder, you should place all of your images.  They must all be in PNG format, and they should be titled as 0.png, 1.png, 2.png, etc. in the order that they should appear on the screen.

Then, go back to the outermost folder, and enter DEBIAN.  Then make a new text file called control.

Open control, and add the following contents (substituting my entries for your own).

Package should read “com.yourname.packagename” (with no caps or spaces).  Name should be the name of your boot logo.  If it’s the first version of the boot logo, the version number should read 1.0 (mine’s 1.1 because I needed to update it).  Architecture should always read iphoneos-arm.  Description is kind of self-explanatory, except for one part: all lines beyond the first one must have a preceding space (including blank lines).  Both maintainer and author should read Your Name <youremail@somesite.com>.  And Section should always read Addons_(BootLogo).

After all that is done, you are ready to build it.  First, you must decide if you want to install it yourself without submitting it to Cydia, or if you only want it submitted to Cydia without installing it beforehand.  If you want to install it beforehand, you must either have a Mac with dpkg installed or a Linux distribution that uses apt (or is able to have dpkg installed).  If you are on Windows, you are out of luck, sorry.  To build it into an installable package, open a terminal and cd to the parent directory of the outermost folder, and run the following command:

dpkg -b foldername

So in my case, it would be:

dpkg -b Rush

You will get two warnings about the control file, but it’s normal and should be safely ignored.  Now you can transfer the newly created file (should be foldername.deb) to your device and run the following command (through mobileterminal or ssh):

dpkg -i foldername.deb

Note that you must run the command as root, or it will fail.


If you don’t want to build the installable file, and only want to submit it to a repo, you can just zip the folder and submit it to any repo you want.  If you built the installable file and want to submit it to ModMyi, you must zip it first.

To use boot logos on your device, open settings, scroll down to Boot Logos, and select the one you want to use.



  Evan DeIacova wrote @

Hello, the dpkg won’t work. How do you install it for a Mac OS X. Please email me

  no wrote @

^^ YES

  John wrote @

hello who could tell me which program do I need to use in this case? I have already painted my own boot logo’s but I don’t know where I need to store them. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

  ♔ wendy dahling ♪ (@mintysix661) wrote @

I really would have appreciated if “If you are on Windows, you are out of luck, sorry.” was at the BEGINNING of this…

  skwiera wrote @

agree with wendy 😉

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