Hacking the iPhone, because the iPhone is Unix at its core.

Disable Nike iPod

Are you annoyed by the Nike iPod application clogging up your settings even if it’s not enabled?  Me too.  Luckily, I found the section of SpringBoard enabling it and was able to disable it safely using Winterboard.  I have submitted the tweak to Cydia in the ModMyi repository, and it should be live in a few days!  I will update when it is released.



  Locutus wrote @

Have you heard of my awesome site Cogizio.org? You should do a write-up on Cogizio once it’s done!

Please. It’s been a while since I’ve had enough time to regularly publish 😦

  Caleb wrote @

Ok, once it’s live I’ll post about it on Cogizio, and maybe this weekend I’ll write a guide on how to modify SpringBoard and other third-party apps with WinterBoard.

  suidqyjlfgml wrote @


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