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I have designed an iPhone app that simply places a web browser on your lockscreen.  It is called iQuickBrowser.  It functions through Cydget.  It is really very simple and can be found in Cydia on the ModMyi repo for $1.99.  ModMyi is reporting that it’s up, but I currently am unable to find it, so if you have trouble finding it, wait for an hour or so.  Anyway, I’d like to kick off the release with a contest!  I will be giving away three copies of iQuickBrowser.  To enter the contest, simply leave a comment saying that you’d like to enter.  I will select three of the entries using random.org and get in further contact with them about receiving their free copy.



Yesterday, I was fed up with the inability to use HDR photography on my iPhone 3Gs, so I decided to do some research on how to enable it.  I found a solution that worked, so I packaged it up for Cydia and it’s now online.  To download it, open Cydia and search for HDR 3Gs.  It is free and works through WinterBoard.  My HDR 3G enabler is on the way.

Disable Nike iPod

Are you annoyed by the Nike iPod application clogging up your settings even if it’s not enabled?  Me too.  Luckily, I found the section of SpringBoard enabling it and was able to disable it safely using Winterboard.  I have submitted the tweak to Cydia in the ModMyi repository, and it should be live in a few days!  I will update when it is released.

All Games By HuaXu Culture Creative Free [Limited Time]

All our games go free at White Valentine’s Day, for the disasters in Australia, New Zealand, Libya and recently China and Japan. It will last 2 days for different time zone.

We are not going to hype this because we don’t want this become a promotion, but you are free to tell people around you.

The only thing we wish in return is anyone who happen to see this and luckily get a free game can DO SOMETHING, no matter how small it is, even just telling people who are suffering that you care about them.

If you don’t know what to do or say, just find a proper place on internet and leave a message:

“Bless the nice people on earth, bless the nice people in Australia, New Zealand, Libya, China and Japan. We care about each other, and we offer help for each other.”

Donate to a good cause 🙂

Games for FREE:

All Games by Dennis Mengelt Are Free [Limited Time]

“In light of the current widespread devastation caused by the earthquakes and tsunamis in Japan as well as other locations, all of our games are currently free. Please consider donating your money to the Redcross or other humanitarian organization that will provide relief to all of the victims instead.”

Free Games [Limited Time]

Make an iPhone Boot Logo!

With the release of the new Greenpois0n, custom boot logo support is available for iDevices!  But how do you make these boot logos?  Read on for the answer.

First, make a new folder with any name you want.  Since my boot logo is about Rush, I opted to call my folder Rush.

Next, enter the folder, and make two new folders, one called DEBIAN, and the other called Library.

Then, enter Library and make a new folder called Bootlogos, and inside that, make a new folder with the name of your bootlogo (in my case, the folder inside of Bootlogos was called Rush again).

Inside the deepest folder, you should place all of your images.  They must all be in PNG format, and they should be titled as 0.png, 1.png, 2.png, etc. in the order that they should appear on the screen.

Then, go back to the outermost folder, and enter DEBIAN.  Then make a new text file called control.

Open control, and add the following contents (substituting my entries for your own).

Package should read “com.yourname.packagename” (with no caps or spaces).  Name should be the name of your boot logo.  If it’s the first version of the boot logo, the version number should read 1.0 (mine’s 1.1 because I needed to update it).  Architecture should always read iphoneos-arm.  Description is kind of self-explanatory, except for one part: all lines beyond the first one must have a preceding space (including blank lines).  Both maintainer and author should read Your Name <youremail@somesite.com>.  And Section should always read Addons_(BootLogo).

After all that is done, you are ready to build it.  First, you must decide if you want to install it yourself without submitting it to Cydia, or if you only want it submitted to Cydia without installing it beforehand.  If you want to install it beforehand, you must either have a Mac with dpkg installed or a Linux distribution that uses apt (or is able to have dpkg installed).  If you are on Windows, you are out of luck, sorry.  To build it into an installable package, open a terminal and cd to the parent directory of the outermost folder, and run the following command:

dpkg -b foldername

So in my case, it would be:

dpkg -b Rush

You will get two warnings about the control file, but it’s normal and should be safely ignored.  Now you can transfer the newly created file (should be foldername.deb) to your device and run the following command (through mobileterminal or ssh):

dpkg -i foldername.deb

Note that you must run the command as root, or it will fail.


If you don’t want to build the installable file, and only want to submit it to a repo, you can just zip the folder and submit it to any repo you want.  If you built the installable file and want to submit it to ModMyi, you must zip it first.

To use boot logos on your device, open settings, scroll down to Boot Logos, and select the one you want to use.

Radial: The Thumb Keyboard

Radial for iPad

Radial is a new app in which simulates a new type of keyboard that allows you to type much more easily with just your thumbs. The keyboard is organized in a fashion where each button is easy access for your thumbs!

Here are the list of features:

  • True on-the-go typing.
  • iPhone-esque thumb typing.
  • Auto-copying. Saves you that extra button tap.
  • Convenient in-app functions.
  • Autocorrect. Say goodbye to “teh”.
  • Keyboard typing sounds. Add a click to your tap.
  • Typing Aid. See what you’re typing, BIG.
  • Customize your Radial experience.
  • A brand new concept. Much more to come.
  • And of course, we are always improving!

Want to give it a try?

  • Radial by Isaac D. Lim (iPad Only) [Download]