Hacking the iPhone, because the iPhone is Unix at its core.

Jailbreak Guide (click here if you are new to iPhone hacking)

To jailbreak on the latest iOS versions, you should use Greenpois0n.  Download it by clicking on the provided link, and run it.  Plug your device in and turn it off, and then just follow the steps in the Greenpois0n window!  You should then see a new app called Loader.  Run it to install Cydia.  After Cydia is installed, you can safely uninstall Loader.  Congradulations, you’re now jailbroken!



  Jailbreak instructions updated « HackMyPhone wrote @

[…] now to include directions for jailbreaking iOS 4.1.  You can find the instructions here: https://hackmyphone.wordpress.com/jailbreak-guide-click-here-if-you-are-new-to-iphone-hacking/, or by clicking on the link on the second column from the […]

  Locutus wrote @

They’re both Win and Linux now, and lr is on OSX too now.

  Caleb wrote @

Really? I see Limera1n is Mac too, but I don’t see Linux there.

  How to pretend you’re an Apple Store employee! | Cogizio wrote @

[…] can!  All you’ll need is an iPhone or iPod Touch running iOS 4.1, you’ll need to be jailbroken, and have categories installed.  After you’ve installed categories, make a new folder with […]

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