Hacking the iPhone, because the iPhone is Unix at its core.


(I will usually not have daily reviews, but this one cannot wait)
Here is a referral code (FYI, it is my referral code, just so I can validate that it works): https://www.cylay.com/r348086
Cylay it is a great app for security, it is like Find My iPhone (by Apple) but on jailbroken steroids, (the ones in red FMI can do) take a look:

Device Status
Clicking LOST will start tracking your phone,Lock(With default password 0000),Instead your lock screen image.
Clicking Found will turn off Lost. ATTENTION: Lost can also backup, lock, prevent power off and/or track your iPhone (please see the phone client to set these options). It will update the location of your phone every minute with the Cylay control panel, it will also use your battery until you set it to Found. The SMS commands LOST,password and FOUND,password have the same effect.


Lock / Unlock
Clicking Lock will display a dialog requesting a password and will lock the phone with this password. Clicking Unlock will unlock the phone.
ATTENTION: This new password overrides your current lock password when your OS < 4.0.But at OS 4.0+ it can’t overrides it.If your device has locked by passcode,it will do nothing.
The SMS commands LOCK,password and UNLOCK,password have the same effect.


Display a Message
Clicking Display a Message will display a dialog requesting the message to be displayed on the phone. A loud sound will be played along with the message, it will play even if the volume is low or the phone is on mute.
Note: You may also select the check box which enable a continuous loud sound and causes the phone to vibrate. This sound will play even if the volume is turned down or the phone is on mute. Click “Alarm” Disable or SMS STOPBEEP,password to disable the sound.


Clicking Enable plays a continuous loud sound on the phone and causes the phone to vibrate. This sound will play even if the volume is turned down or the phone is on mute. Click Disable to turn off the sound.
The SMS commands STARTBEEP,password and STOPBEEP,password have the same effect


Backup device data
Backup your iDevice datas: AddressBook,Text,Call History,Notes.
You need restore this data by manual.


Restore backup data to iPhone
Clicking Restore restores data to your phone from your backup. Your Contacts, Texts, Notes, Recent Calls and Calendar will be restored(overrides).
The SMS command RESTORE,password has the same effect.


Forward SMS
Clicking Enabled will display a dialog requesting a phone number. All new SMS messages that are sent to your phone will be forwarded to the phone number you put in the dialog.
Clicking Disable will stop the forwarding of SMS messages.
Notice:Please do not set the number to the device that install Cylay.  The SMS commands FORWARDOPEN,password and FORWARDCLOSE,password have the same effect. The FORWARDOPEN,password command uses the number that the command came from as the forward to number.


Track iPhone
Clicking Start will start the tracking of your phone. It will update the location of your phone every minute with the Cylay control panel, it will also use your battery until you stop it.
Clicking Stop will stop the tracking.
The SMS commands STARTLOCATE,password and STOPLOCATE,password have the same effect. The SMS command LOCATE,password will update the location of your phone one time with the Cylay control panel.


SMS Warning Message
If you have disabled Cylay to sending SMS warning message using SMS command Closetip,
you can enable it again.


Fully Hide Cylay
Hide cylay from screen.If can not hide please try to restart springboard or reboot.


Recents Call
Clicking Recent Calls will fetch the recent call list from your phone. This list includes phone number(s), date, time, duration and whether the call was In(coming) or Out(going).


Take a photo
Clicking Take a photo takes a photo and displays it in the Cylay control panel. It will take the photo even if your phone is locked(OS < 4.0).


Don’t allow shut off
Clicking Enable turns OFF the ability to power off your phone.
Clicking Disable turns ON the ability to power off your phone.


Remote Wipe
Clicking Remote Wipe will permanently delete all media and data on your phone, restoring it to factory settings.
ATTENTION: Take caution when using this option, once wiped, your device will no longer contain the Cylay application (it will be completely wiped) and will therefore be unable to display messages, respond to commands or be located via Cylay.


Cylay Log
Clicking View will dispaly your uploaded Cylay log (Cylay-Settings > Help Info > View Log > Upload). This option is useful when helping us debug Cylay.


Jailbreak App Reviews

Since this is the first review, I will be putting two great apps Head-to-Head in the first ever “HackMyPhone App Smackdown!” The winner of each round will get its name in Blue Font

The two apps are

3DBoard by Apocolipse and DeepEnd by Ryan Petrich

This week I am reviewing to awesome apps that do the same thing, make your SpringBoard look 3D (these apps are meant to be used on the iPhone 4 and the iPod Touch 4 because of their gyroscopes). The effect is really cool and I really recommend downloading one of these apps, but the question is “Which one to download (or buy)?”

  • Cost 3DBoard is $2.99, while DeepEnd is free.
  • 3DBoard can be disabled (via an on/off switch in Settings). DeepEnd needs to be uninstalled to be disabled
  • DeepEnd has three different sliders for customizing the 3D effect: Zoom, Pitch and Roll. 3DBoard has only one: Depth
  • DeepEnd looks better than 3DBoard because of the sliders
  • 3DBoard is available in the BigBoss repository. To get DeepEnd you must add http://rpetri.ch/repo/

Final Score:  3DBoard 2 – 3 DeepEnd
The only reason that two can be compared is because DeepEnd lacks an On/Off switch, otherwise DeepEnd would be a no-brainer.

Thanks for reading and remember to Keep Hacking!

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Battery Go! Plus is the premium battery management application, build for everyone from power users to first time iPhone users. With our new “Battery Health Manager”, Battery Go! Plus will ask you several questions about your device and usage habits, which will help develop a special formula custom configured for your device to help give the most accurate battery life figures you’ve ever seen. Throw in our improved slider bar as well as our new “doodle art” theme, and Battery Go! Plus has become a must have application for an iOS owner.

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Cannon based on the distance and angle can be adjusted through the strength and direction.
three kind of bombs are provided by random method
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500 point is minimum to next level

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