Hacking the iPhone, because the iPhone is Unix at its core.

About the authors


Hi, my name is Caleb Stein.  I love open source stuff.  I use FreeBSD and Linux mostly.  I jailbroke to free myself and my iPhone from Apple’s unnecessarily harsh restrictions on what can and can’t be done on the device.  I would like to share my knowledge of jailbreaking with the greater public.


I have a 32gb iPod Touch 4, obviously jailbroken (with GreenPosi0n), I also have a 1st generation 8gb iPod Touch. It predates apps. Caleb kept telling me to jailbrake, so I jailbroke. My iPod is usually completely full of apps. I have experience with all iPod Touches. I have not, however, added iPod Linux to my 1g iPod Nano. I also don’t like how Apple restricts its users. Lets get the world jailbreaking!


I love freebies. All I want to do is share my best finds of freebie apps to help your wallet. I know that jailbreaking your iOS devices allows you to get free apps but not everyone jailbreaks 🙂 I own an iPad and have not jailbroken it….yet. If you too haven’t jailbroken, these freebie apps will help you save money, but you must grab ’em quick. Many are limited time and are subject to change back to a paid app at any time. I love to blog and am guest authors here at HackMyPhone, Cogizio, and on my own site, PCbasics. I like to blog about freebies, and software reviews.

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